What is Mould?

There are various airborne spores around us all the time moving between indoor and outdoor environments. These spores are carried by many sources including pets, shoes, clothing and dust.

Mould are microscopic organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Mould is a living breathing organism that will grow and colonize under the right conditions.

Mould requires various conditions to grow.
They are:
  •  spores
  •  water
  •  a food source
  •  time
  •  stagnant air
All these conditions must be present for mould growth to occur.

The following are some indicators for the presence of mould:
  •  Evident odours
  •  Change of appearance and colour of building  materials
  •  Water category 2 (grey water) or water  category 3 (black water)
  •  Post-loss duration exceeds three to five days  of water saturation
  •  Conditions in the environment are ideal for  mould growth

Why choose TGA?

TGA has been aware of the potential harm of mould accumulation and therefore the need for expert involvement. TGA Technologies has acquired certified personnel to answer these remediation issues.

TGA employs one of only three Certified Microbial Remediation specialists in Canada.

TGA is also affiliated with numerous organization such as the IICRC, ASCR and AIIAQ.

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