ONE source for: all your trades and skills; emergency response, reconstruction and steam cleaning; a vast resource of industry talent and expertise. ONE source concept is the brainchild of our brightest minds, with combined disaster restoration experience surpassing 100 years. You call ONE number… anytime day or night… and we take care of all your needs; You have ONE point of contact to deal with all documents, claims, quotes, timelines, schedules, purchase orders, requisitions and invoices; You gain the pricing efficiency associated with having only ONE administrative cost center. You have the comfort of knowing that all trade coordination and communication takes place under our ONE SOURCE methodology.



TGA 's emergency crews are available for services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a one-hour response time! After receipt of the information and instructions provided by the Claims Department, they prepare for the emergency by allocating pertinent personnel, material and equipment, personal protective clothing and cleaning solutions. To further expedite immediate response by our teams, TGA stores the necessary stock and equipment on-site to meet all demands.


TGA General Contracting Services can assist clients to manage business development and growth through proper space designs by architects and engineers. The tender can follow several channels, dependant on the client's project involvement.

TGA's Construction Service Department supports our Emergency Response Teams by providing you with customized millwork, accurate diagrams, professional painting, dry walling and overall construction applications.

Our in-house Cleaning Department rallies on site at the onset of the claim and attends to the restorable damages. We provide team leaders and crews who can perform the immediate task at hand for the best results. Contents are also stored safely at our facilities for easy viewing.

TGA's Consulting Services provide Business Continuity Solutions to reduce the impact sustained by a business when a crippling operational loss occurs. Our professionals specialize in Disaster Recovery Planning, customized to the client's needs. Recovery sites are available to minimize the turnaround time for critical business functions.

TGA Corporation utilizes the concept of one-source on commercial and residential properties. We partner with real estate agents, legal consultants, insurers, insurance brokers, adjusters and facility consultants (engineers & architects) to ensure that our client's needs and expectations are satisfied.

TGA understands the importance of dealing with emergencies in a timely fashion to avoid potential secondary damage and minimize disruption to your tenants. Our one-hour response time and trained staff ensure that all emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently. In addition to our Emergency Response Team, TGA has numerous trades and consultants available. For everything from minor repairs to restoration/renovation of tenant and common spaces, TGA is your One Source for all your property needs.

TGA Corporation is alert to the potential harm of mould accumulation and the need for expert involvement in its remediation. We are prepared with certified personnel to deactivate contamination. Environmental issues are all around us and require skilled input. From mould remediation to restoration…. Our teams do it all.

TGA helps to deliver sound risk management practice, by working closely with other professional organizations. These include; Disaster Planning, Business Continuation experts, Design/Build professionals, Architects, Engineers and others. Property risk to buildings come in many forms, including; damages caused by, fire; wind and water. We work with Risk Management professionals who can recommend specific policies appropriate to the client's needs and circumstances.

TGA Corporation organizes staff resources to deliver design/build services on an integrated basis, under a single contract. Effective coordination of all disciplines is ensured through our fully computerized engineering, drafting and project management and cost control systems. Along with you, we determine the scope and purpose of the project. This involves an examination of the facility's proposed functions, occupancy load, any future expansion requirements, image, ownership structure, and the timing for occupancy. With this data, a preliminary design concept is developed.


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