TGA Corporation responds to the industry's need for streamlining a claims process. We offer you our three-member "Response Units". These teams consist of an Estimator, Project Co-ordinator and Administrative Assistant: in tandem and co-operation, they successfully manage the diverse aspects of each individual claim. Once a call is received in our claims department, our Estimator attends on site to determine the scope of work and prepares an immediate electronic estimate for our clients. As the team leader, the Estimator ensures the overall success and satisfaction of the job. The Project Co-ordinator schedules site activities, in-house trade selections; supervises quality control, quality of materials; and informs customers of progress. The Administrative Assistant maintains all correspondence, schedules appointments and acts as a liaison between the various parties working on the claim. Work completion in most situations ranges between twenty-one to thirty days upon receipt of the signed restoration agreement.

You call ONE number...anytime day or night...and we take care of all your property needs.

We will provide you with updates regarding the progress of your claim, to keep you informed about all aspects of the reconstruction.



  1. Stop the damages: Take action to stop the cause of further damage.

  2. Notify your insurance company: Telephone either your broker or your insurance company. Their names and phone numbers are located in your insurance policy or on their business cards.

  3. Review your insurance policy: Your policy contains all the necessary information you need to understand coverage, deductible amounts and other relevant information.

  4. Choosing "One Source": We are the company who has all the tradepeople under one roof to manage the entire project for you. Plus, we have an interior designer to assist you in the restoration.

  5. Contents: if your emergency contains damages to contents (clothing, furniture, office equipment etc.) resulting from the disaster - each item must be documented and inventoried. TGA's "One Source" has a complete team dedicated to assisting you in this area of claims management.

  6. Set Schedules: You are in charge. Remember it can take weeks, or even months to complete a restoration. We provide starting and completion dates to assist you.

  7. It's your home: All of TGA's "One Source" contractors who have access to your home are completely bonded to provide you with additional security and peace of mind.

  8. Customer Satisfaction: All "One Source: workmanship is guaranteed in writing for two years. All materials are guaranteed for up to 25 years as per manufacturers' warranty conditions.

  9. You're in control: All final decisions are up to you. That's why choosing TGA's "One "Source", an experience and professionally trained restoration contractor, will make a huge difference in how your home is reconstructed.


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