At TGA Restoration we strive to offer you not only the highest quality products, but also personnel who are dedicated to providing you with accountable service.

To allow you a clearer understanding of each team inside the TGA office, here is an outline of not only their expertise, but also their role within the company.



Upon receiving the phone call for the claim, out TGA claims professionals assess the situation by noting all the pertinent information; this includes the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY & HOW. The claim is then assigned to the estimator.

Once the claim is completed, the file is retuned to the claims office for review and follow-up if necessary before final invoicing.


TGA's emergency crews are available for services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with a one-hour response time!

By reviewing the information given by the claims department, they prepare for the emergency with necessary equipment, personal protective equipment, cleaning solutions, and personnel. To further expedite immediate response for our team, TGA stores the necessary stock and equipment on-site to meet all demands.

Our construction department adheres to the rapid response of our teams by providing us with customized millwork, accurate diagrams, professional painting, dry walling and overall construction of any type of home.

Our in house cleaning department rallies on site at the onset of the claim and attends to the restorable damages. We provide team leaders and crew who can perform the immediate task at hand for the best results. When contents are removed to our facilities for individual attention and refinishing, we offer a secure environment for storage and restoration.

Our certified staff also creates and monitors our clients' contents, tends to post-construction cleanup and returns the furnishings after repairs are completed.

Our company became aware of the potential harm of mould accumulation and the need for expert involvement in its remediation. We therefore developed TGA Technologies and acquired certified personnel to answer these restoration concerns.

Environmental issues are all around us and require skilled input. From mould remediation, asbestos cleanup, lead paint testing, indoor air quality reviews, to oil abatement - Our team does it all.

At TGA Corporation, we are committed to not only meeting, but also exceeding the service and quality expectations of our clients. Our commitment to customer service is further addressed by the appointment of a Quality Assurance Team that oversees the progress of our Response Unit Teams. In order to maintain and continually improve TGA's service, our Quality Assurance Team performs regular compliance audits on the services provided by our trades and vendors.

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